2 Ways to Join the Conversation That Is Already Happening in Your Prospect’s Mind

You have more than likely heard about that saying before. This is similar to joining someone, standing or sitting beside them, making them feel comfortable around you, and then asking them to walk with you.

They will accompany you quietly and walk in agreement with you.

Contrast that with standing at a distance and calling out at someone telling them that they need to join you…or else they are missing out, they are stupid, or they are making a mistake, etc.

This is the point where the prospects shake their head and say, “I’m making a mistake by not joining you? Let me continue making a mistake then.”

Can you lay any blame on them?

This is why you need to join them and start where they are. What do they know about your niche, about you, or about your product or service?

If your prospects see your offer as too good to be true, agree with them, and tell them that you were in their position at one point too and you were convinced it wasn’t real until you discovered something that made you rethink it.

They might think that your product or service will not offer a solution to their particular problem. But assure them that you felt the same when you were in their shoes, and you felt that it wouldn’t make a difference in what you wanted and needed.

You might start by describing the problem itself. For instance, if your prospect is facing a financial crisis, talk about what it feels like to be in that situation, and it makes one lose their self-esteem as life gets harder and harder.
By explaining the situation they are in, they will begin relating, and this is an excellent place to start describing how they can get out of that situation and what will help them to do so.

As an example, you can tie your marketing message to particular news that has gone viral. Maybe there is a revolution in another country or a crazy thing the government is doing. Whatever it is, you can find a way of linking it to your marketing message.

People love celebrities- movie stars, sports stars, rock stars, etc. You can start talking about current celebrity news and tie it to your message.

Most of the time, celebrities are frequently associated with credibility. Thus, by tying a celebrity in with your message, even if it is clear that they are not related in any way, you can elevate the perception of your product in your prospect eyes. This is strange but true.

Integrating your message with celebrities or news requires great creativity on your part. Make sure it flows naturally, and that it makes sense. Also, make it entertaining. In fact, strive to be as interesting and entertaining as possible, and your customers will relate to it and love you for that.

One last tip: If you are not aware of what is going on in your prospect’s mind, it is high time you find out. Go to social media to see the trending topics or go to forums to see what problem is bothering your prospects.

You will discover this in less than 15 minutes. Craft a couple of marketing messages geared towards that, and you will find yourself entering the conversion in your customer’s mind.

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