YIVE Mass Video Marketing Platform

Introducing YIVE as YIVE 4.0 with the improved Stacker system.


  • New Stacker Account System
  • Marketplace – Buy/Sell YT and StreamMachine.TV Accounts
  • Article Buckets – Upload your own articles, type in articles, or integrate your Article Forge account for automated, unique, very readable article creation.
  • Article Bucket Campaigns – Use your Article Buckets in your automated campaigns.
  • StreamMachine Integration – Now upload without stress of losing channels with StreamMachine.TV using the API.

One-Time-Fee Offer

After literally hundreds of requests we decided to structure a limited-time,
YIVE One-Time-Fee offer!

You WILL be able to auto-upload to StreamMachine.TV, so you video get distribution benefits without the fear of deleted channels!

Go here to view the offer: https://www.internetmarketingatm.com/YIVE-4.0

YIVE Stacker Account Creator Re-Opens

YIVE Stacker Account Creator is now open for subscription only. If you want to create your own YT channels and sell channels to others you will need this subscription if you did not buy the LTD offer, we made previously. You must have an active YIVE Video account to use this feature.

You can check this out here: https://www.internetmarketingatm.com/YIVE-Stacker

Special Bonuses Include a Free Membership to Net Income Academy &
free hotel stay, spin to win!