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Benefits of Starting with Affiliate Marketing

A lot of people have benefited from affiliate marketing since its invention in the early 1990s. It is considered to be an effective method of earning an income online and one that is ‘passive’ so your contribution can be minimized while still producing maximized results.

5 Top Tips On Affiliate Marketing

While we know what affiliate marketing is, what are some of the benefits of opting for affiliate marketing as a primary or secondary career option? While almost everything comes with risks in today’s world, there are also quite a few benefits that might outweigh them. Here are a few:

What are the Benefits of Affiliate Marketing?

1.Minimal Expertise Required:
While almost any other career choice in the world would require you to have some prior knowledge or education in it, affiliate marketing is one of those where you need not be a know-it-all on the subject matter. You can learn along the way, but its one of those fields that puts the term ‘practice makes perfect’ into use. There are multiple available methodologies and strategies to follow on the internet on how to make affiliate marketing success for you. You can choose the one you resonate with most, or which works best for you and try to go with it. It is merely a trial-and-error based line of work. If you’re already an existing blogger or content creator on the world wide web, you can benefit even more by partnering with a business to be an affiliate marketer!

2.You don’t need a lot of money to start it:
While many people shy away from venturing out into new waters when it comes to changing career paths or finding a new one due to financial constraints or money problems, affiliate marketing is not the same. It is a fairly low-cost business opportunity, and nothing is stopping you from joining it. You don’t need a lot of resources to get started on affiliate marketing compared to other business ventures. All you need is to have access to the internet and some electricity to assist it for you! If you’re tech-savvy, that might give you an upperhand at the game, but it is not essentially a requirement. Similarly, if you’re an existing blogger or content creator on the internet, you might have a head-start, but a lot of people have still made it reasonably well without either of these two skills.

5 Top Tips On Affiliate Marketing

3.It is a Wide Industry:
Affiliate marketing as an industry is one with a lot of depth and width to it. It is pretty far-reaching and profitable, and one which may have over a billion-dollar’ worth in it. Since it is a vast field, searching for products or services you understand well and see yourself working with is fairly easy to do and one that will allow you to understand the whole ordeal better. Due to the fact that you can make your own choices, you can maintain your honesty and sincerity, which comes with it, which would probably help earn the trust of your customers faster. Commission wise, it has been proven that those people who show the most belief and interest in their products are the ones that tend to be more successful than their counterparts.

4.Flexibility and Freedom come with it:
No matter whether your approach at affiliate marketing is for a secondary means of income or primary means of income, it comes with a considerable amount of freedom, independence and flexibility. Unlike any other ordinary job, affiliate marketing lets you make a few decisions on your own, such as choosing your schedule and when you want to work. Similarly, you can take your off days and even decide who you want to partner or work with. The environment and timetable you choose can be by your comfort so you can maximize and optimize your productivity.

5.You can choose it as a Secondary Source of Income:
Affiliate Marketing doesn’t have to be the only way for you to earn an income. In fact, if you already have a job and don’t want to quit it, but still need some extra cash on the side. Affiliate Marketing may be the best option for you! You can use it to make money on the side without any pressure of making it big right at the start since you already have an income supporting you. This means you can be much more relaxed with your venture and can take time to figure out the method and strategy that works best for you. However, if you do choose to make it your primary source of income, it could very well be one and can make you money faster than looking for a job.

These are just a few benefits of affiliate marketing. Of course, since the market is so wide, the benefits that come with it can be just as vast. Even if there may be risks involved, the advantages could work to outweigh them.

5 Top Tips On Affiliate Marketing

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Traffic and Conversions

Traffic and Conversions

One of the biggest forms of conversions there is is what we call ‘proof factors’ and we’ve been talking about this. But all the proof that you can show increases conversions big time.

This is what leads to a lot of sales and a lot higher conversions which means more people buying their stuff really does come down to proof factors.

What proof do you have that whatever it is that you’re selling even works? Usually when people land on your sales letter or sales video or they come in contact with your offers or you or what you’re selling or providing, they will either believe you or they won’t.

You either resonate with them or you don’t resonate with them. They either want to give you money or they don’t. And the way to get them to give you money is by tapping into triggers.

One of the biggest triggers to tap into is the power of proof factors. The more proof that you can show, the more money you’re going to make.

So, if you’re not seeing very good conversions this is the best thing that you can do:

  1. You need to check your copy writing and make sure it’s following the strategy and it’s not just crap.
  2. The next thing you want to do is check your proof factors.

    Spend time focusing on getting your proof factors dialed in. The more proof that you can show, the more likely people will believe you. Even if it’s subconsciously, they’ll buy your stuff and feel compelled to buy your stuff if they see the proof.

    If they don’t see the proof, then they’ll be skeptical. They’ll come up with all kinds skeptical thoughts and skeptical questions and things like that to talk themselves out of buying what you are selling.

    But, if you can provide really, really strong proof factors, they won’t be able to help themselves, they’ll just have to buy. And that’s what you want to do.

    I’m talking about proof factors like testimonials. That’s a big one, right?

    For example, if you’re going to buy a book on Amazon and you see lots of social proof, lots of testimonials of people saying really good things about that book that you’re looking to buy… then your chances of buying that book just increased big time because of what everyone is saying.

    However, if everyone on that Amazon review section is negative saying how terrible the book is then you’re probably not going to buy it. Those are proof factors – testimonials and reviews.

    Social proof can even be manufactured. If some of your customers shoot a video for you then you can give them a bonus for doing that saying how great your stuff is.

    Maybe you have an offline workshop or seminar, and you get a bunch of people to record testimonial videos at the seminar. On these videos they’re saying how great you are and how great your product is and now can you can use those videos to your advantage to sell.
    Images, graphics, screenshots, endorsements, case studies , graphs, charts, quotes, statistics are all credibility type proof factors.

    You’ve probably seen different websites with things on it like ‘as seen on CNN,’ ‘as seen on Fox News,’ ‘as seen in the Wall Street Journal,’ as seen on All this stuff helps support your case that you have a compelling product and that they need to buy it.

    This is yet another reason why manufacturing celebrities or authorities can increase your proof factors. If you combine all the celebrity and authority appeal with the conversion tactics, testimonials, social proof, videos, images, case studies, endorsements, manufacturing celebrity authority, and branding, then your high-ticket offers virtually sell themselves.

    This is where you can make a drastic difference in your income. If you’re popping thousand-dollar sales on a daily basis, that can make a big difference in your income, and can help you pay some bills.

    So proof factors compel people to buy and you don’t want to ignore those. If you find that your offer is not converting well then just go through this simple checklist:
  3. How is your copy writing on your sales page?

Regardless if you’re using written sales copy if it’s a sales video – however you’re pitching your offer – check the copy writing.

Is it tapping into the triggers? Does it have urgency, scarcity and social proof? Is it tapping into the proof factors? Is it tapping into the pain and all this stuff we talked about earlier?

  1. The next thing you want to check are your proof factors.

What are the proof factors? Do you have any? Are you a ‘nobody’ that no one online has ever heard of?

Let’s say your name is Bob Smith and you’re in the internet marketing niche. Even though Bob Smith is a common name, people will realize that and they’ll search ‘Bob Smith Internet Marketer.’

Or, if Bob Smith is in your name and you’re in weight loss, they’ll type in ‘Bob Smith fitness, Bob Smith weight loss, Bob Smith diet,’ and search for you with those kinds of words to see what pops up about you.

So you combine all of that and that increases the likelihood that somebody’s going to buy.

Next you want to check your offer. Whatever it is that you’re offering may not be resonating with people.

Maybe for example you’re offering to do one-on-one coaching once every other month. Well, they may look at that and say ‘that’s too long, I don’t want that, I want more coaching and more often, like once a week,’ something like that.

So you have to look at what you’re offering and just make sure it’s a good offer, that it’s compelling and it’s what people want to buy. A lot of the time it’s just your offer alone that’s killing conversions.

If you have really good copywriting, you have really good proof factors, and you have a really good offer then you should be making a lot of money.

Conversation That Is Already Happening in Your Prospect’s Mind

You might start by describing the problem itself. For instance, if your prospect is facing a financial crisis, talk about what it feels like to be in that situation, and it makes one lose their self-esteem as life gets harder and harder.

2 Ways to Join the Conversation That Is Already Happening in Your Prospect’s Mind

You have more than likely heard about that saying before. This is similar to joining someone, standing or sitting beside them, making them feel comfortable around you, and then asking them to walk with you.

They will accompany you quietly and walk in agreement with you.

Contrast that with standing at a distance and calling out at someone telling them that they need to join you…or else they are missing out, they are stupid, or they are making a mistake, etc.

This is the point where the prospects shake their head and say, “I’m making a mistake by not joining you? Let me continue making a mistake then.”

Can you lay any blame on them?

This is why you need to join them and start where they are. What do they know about your niche, about you, or about your product or service?

If your prospects see your offer as too good to be true, agree with them, and tell them that you were in their position at one point too and you were convinced it wasn’t real until you discovered something that made you rethink it.

They might think that your product or service will not offer a solution to their particular problem. But assure them that you felt the same when you were in their shoes, and you felt that it wouldn’t make a difference in what you wanted and needed.

You might start by describing the problem itself. For instance, if your prospect is facing a financial crisis, talk about what it feels like to be in that situation, and it makes one lose their self-esteem as life gets harder and harder.
By explaining the situation they are in, they will begin relating, and this is an excellent place to start describing how they can get out of that situation and what will help them to do so.

As an example, you can tie your marketing message to particular news that has gone viral. Maybe there is a revolution in another country or a crazy thing the government is doing. Whatever it is, you can find a way of linking it to your marketing message.

People love celebrities- movie stars, sports stars, rock stars, etc. You can start talking about current celebrity news and tie it to your message.

Most of the time, celebrities are frequently associated with credibility. Thus, by tying a celebrity in with your message, even if it is clear that they are not related in any way, you can elevate the perception of your product in your prospect eyes. This is strange but true.

Integrating your message with celebrities or news requires great creativity on your part. Make sure it flows naturally, and that it makes sense. Also, make it entertaining. In fact, strive to be as interesting and entertaining as possible, and your customers will relate to it and love you for that.

One last tip: If you are not aware of what is going on in your prospect’s mind, it is high time you find out. Go to social media to see the trending topics or go to forums to see what problem is bothering your prospects.

You will discover this in less than 15 minutes. Craft a couple of marketing messages geared towards that, and you will find yourself entering the conversion in your customer’s mind.

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